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Founded in 2007 company LLC «Gazsertec» team up highly skilled experts in the field of hydrocarbon gas treatment and processes, sulfur recovery, industrial and sanitary gas cleaning.
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Gazsertec is a Russian engineering company offering services in the field of hydrocarbon gas treatment and processing technologies. Gazsertec has the necessary licenses, software tools, and experts with more than thirty-year experience in the field to provide optimal engineering solutions with respect to both material expenses and ecosystem load reduction.

Hydrocarbon gas treatment and processing

  • Процессы очистки природного газа, газов газоконденсатных месторождений, попутных нефтяных газов и углеводородн
  • Removal of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, mercaptans and other impurities from natural gas, gases from gas-condensate fields, associated gases and hydrocarbon gases, formed during crude oil and hydrocarbon refinery
  • Hydrocarbon Gas Dehydration
  • Gas Treating Related Technologies
Подготовка и переработка углеводородных газо

Sulfur recovery

  • Production of sulfur from hydrogen sulfide containing gases
  • SRU tail gas treatment
  • Elemental sulfur handling for its further use
Производство элементарной серы

Removal of detrimental impurities from flue gases and off gases

  • Cleaning of Flue and Off Gases from Sulfur Dioxide
  • Cleaning of Flue Gases of Refuse Incineration Plants from Harmful Compounds (dioxins, hydrogen chlorides, hydrogen fluorides, sulfur dioxide)
  • Treatment of Flue Gases from Nitrogen Oxides
  • Treatment of Various Industrial Off Gases and Ventilation Releases from Light Organic Compounds, VOC, Mercury Vapors and Ammonia
  • Recovery of СО2 from Flue Gases
Очистка дымовых и отходящих газов

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